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I would dip a spoon into that vial, take that spoon out after it has been filled by that serum and would then gently touch that spoon to the lips of a god’s idol that i have in my house…then, after some seconds when ill think that the god has accepted and drank that serum off the spoon however much he wanted to drink, ill fold my hands in a prayer position, close my eyes, kneel down in front of his idol and ask him why he made me the way he did?
No, theres nothing wrong with me…its just that i want to know from god on what basis he makes people, what goes in his mind when he makes each one of us…see, im not asking him to answer questions like where is my life leading me?, will i get what i want in this life or not? or what does the future holds ahead for me? precisely because at the end of my life some 50,60 or if im lucky enough, some 70 years from now, ill definitely get answers to these questions, but the answer to this question- why god made me the way he did will still elude me…it eludes all of us and at some point or the other we wish if god could generously bestow on us his answer.



4 thoughts on “A QUESTION TO GOD

  1. Maybe the way he made us this way is something we will find out for ourselves. Our purpose in life, and all the big questions in life we may find later.
    Or we won’t get any answers. But the best we could think is that he is all knowing and we should be pious
    My views and may be different from yours

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