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I dont know (why), but i feel like my blog exudes negativity…its like im trying to write something happy, but it turns around and becomes something sad…the same thing goes inside my head too…i have good thoughts and bad thoughts moving inside it but the problem is that the bad thoughts dominate over the good ones… until i made a blog, i didnt know that there was so much negativity inside of me…sometimes, i think that the negativity is so great that if i sat down, i can write a sad, unhappy post everyday!, and that will be quite gross…before blogging, this negativity used to dominate over positivity in my head just like it is now, but since i wasnt putting it down anywhere, i kind of thought that i was alright with it…but now, as i sit down almost everyday to write i can see the reality…its one thing that i have an inherent inclination towards everything sad, and its one totally different thing to let that sadness penetrate into my life fully…more alarming is the fact that some bad thoughts that dominate my mind are just nothing, i mean, they are completely frivolous and still i cant let go of them and still i feel the impact of them…though there are some other bad thoughts that are concrete (i dont know what am i saying, please bear with me for a while!) about which i just cant do anything but hey, you cant get everything in life…im just someone who needs a daily dose of good, positive thoughts before starting my day and good, positive people to teach me the value of life, the value of all that i have in this life…


8 thoughts on “THIS NEGATIVITY

  1. I don’t think it excludes negativity, you seem to be honest about life from the little time I have been following you I think your happy with some dark areas. I like what you have done with the place it’s nice, bright and catchy!

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