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When im reading just for fun, ill never, never pick up something that is non fiction…maybe cuz being a history student i anyway spend large amount of my time reading non fiction, so when im reading for fun ill never pick that up unless its an extremely interesting autobiography or biography of an extremely interesting person [for example, i can easily pick up one direction’s newly released autobiography over something fiction when im reading just for fun;)]…otherwise, ill definitely pick up fiction, and i would want a fiction of no more than 300 pages…you know, when im reading for fun i would want a story to not stretch more than the above mentioned pages but at the same time, i should be hooked on to those 300 pages till the end…you know, once i had a book  whos name was ‘lost’…i dont remember the author’s name…that book, it was fiction to the core and a very good fiction it was, with a very complicated plot…it was actually a suspense thriller kind of a book which recorded a husband’d search for his missing wife…the book was good, but the problem with it was that 1) it was massive…it could be easily more than 450 pages, and 2) the plot kept on becoming more and more complicated with every passing page…whenever i sat with that book to read, i was overwhelmed with the complicatedness of that story…and i found out, that when im reading for fun i really dont want that kind of a thing…instead, i want something that could be simple, yet interesting and which could be finished in a matter of a few hours…



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