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If you’ll ask this question to anyone who knows me personally there response will most certainly go like like this: “shes one of the most difficult person as far as eating food is concerned….picky to the core of her heart”….
And this is true…food is the last thing that im interested in in this life…years and years of dieting have made me the most difficult eater anyone can come across…honestly, i dont think that i even know how to eat…the art of eating is definitely not my cup of tea….now i eat food just for filling my stomach when hunger pangs strike…im fully grown up, but i still dont know how to ‘eat out’….more than that is my extreme dislike for eating out…im content with whatever my home has to offer me,that is, my usual dose of food cuz otherwise, when im outside im such a picky eater that i irritate the one whos come along with me…i scrutinize the whole menu unless i can find that one thing which adheres to all of my strictly made food rules, all of which are just in my mind…many of the times the menu  offers nothing which i can put into my mouth….ask my mother the 101 food rules that ive imposed on her when making my food…. my father jokingly says that im touched by god in matters of eating and to a large extent i dont think hes wrong…



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