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Too much of living is bad…after a certain point, when all your goals and your children’s goals are finished and your children are looking forward to their children’s goals to be finished theres nothing left for you to do….youve lived your life….this life’s over for you…theres nothing left in it for you to live…your body’s screaming to perish…everyday feels like a burden on this body…and then also if your going on living and living, its bettar that god gives you a break forever….t.his living in excess wont make you any feel good.
Too much of beauty is bad…it makes you arrogant…just as too much of inner beauty is bad…it lets other people take advantage of you…
When i was 12, i ate in excess and became obese, when i was 16, i dieted in excess and became anorexic…
Too much of every damn thing is bad…
(Im sorry if i dont make sense to anyone)



10 thoughts on “TOO MUCH OF LIVING

  1. Hmmmm …. I have often felt the quality of a life – as in richness of experience, ability to learn and grow, is worth more than the life itself … when one already feels dead anyway, one wishes for a release from living death, and be unburdened with the responsibility of breathing. But in spite of having these bouts of living doubt … if I wait just a little longer, something will remind me of the value of life.

    • Your right!…actually, this post is inspired by the last days of my grandmother..in those days she always used to tell me that it will be good if god gives her a break frm living…

      • I was hoping that you were taking on the “voice” of an elderly person. There is a lot of depression going around lately and too many young people, who have barely lived could probably identify with your post.

  2. Yes I get it…sometimes getting out of bed is a job, I don’t know what to do… since my boys are gone-

    What now? What has kept me going is telling myself to ‘you’re not dead yet, so just
    show up in acting class, computer class and bible class.’

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