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Dear future best friend,
Im writing this to you as ive to write a lettar to someone to whom i dont have access to and, in my case, thats no other than you…i dont think that ill ever have the opportunity in this life to sit and talk with you, eat with you or just share my life’s little ramblings with you…(why have i even started my lettar by calling you future best friend?)… you were (and are) someone whom ive never got an access to…you will always remain as someone im yet to meet,the only difference is that ill never really get to meet you…i want to take this opportunity to tell you that without you i feel lonely, i feel alone…seeing facebook feeds of people enjoying with their best friends really hurts me from the inside…it really does…and believe me, i can feel that pain…you are someone that have always been like an impossible task for me to achieve….but anyways, ill just end this lettar by saying that i dont really care about you anymore…im bettar off alone anyway
Yours truly



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