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sleep is not really my good friend….no, i dont have any major sleeping issues but still it eludes me most of the time and i wonder why…especially when i stay at home for a couple of days, it simply eludes me…ive really got to struggle to sleep those nights…i deviced a technique a couple of months back which helped me go to sleep….when i knew that today was one of those days where  sleep  wont come to me easily i used to lie in my bed in a yoga corpse pose…you know what that is? just lying straight on my head without turning to either side and i let my body just relax…i then used to close my eyes and breathe in medium, equal breaths and focussed on the flow of my breath…nothing, except the flow of my breath…thoughts used to come as usual but i didnt delve on them for more than a second…as one of the teacher in my ‘art of living’ class told me…’thoughts will come and go, but youve got to learn to just let them go’….thats exactly what i did…and i kept repeating in my mind…nothing but sleep…i guess all this helped to quieten my mind and thus helped me get back to sleep….this helped me with getting to sleep on some days…but on some other days, when not even an inch of sleep was there in my eyes, it was not of much help….

but ive figured out the best days for having that baby like sleep….these are those days when i get up at 6:00 am (obviously, not having completed  my sleep fully), spend more than half of the day at university, come back tired to the bones, eat whatever is available at home, summon up the courage to exercise like a maniac, bathe with warm water, drink a cup of sleep inducing chamomile tea, and then go to my bed to sleep….ahh! the sleep i then get  is ah-mazing!…as my whole body is shit tired the sleep that comes is soo deep that i feel like im being pushed deeper and deeper into a pit which seem to have no end to it….



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