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I commented on ivy’s blog yesterday…she was not too happy about the fact that she didnt had a proper summer this year but nevertheless she’ll not let that deter her from enjoying the next nine months….i commented that if she really likes summer then she should come to my country,i.e, india as summers months outnumber the months of any other weather here…
It got me thinking, that people dont really like the weather of their own place(ofcourse their would be some exceptions to this)…but i always find that people who live in a country endowed with cool weather yearn for a warmer weather and people who live in a country with a naturally hot climate yearn for their weather to become cooler…i for example, am hating the weather of my place right now…its so irritatingly hot that i have to literally summon the courage to get up from my bed, turn off the A.C, and get ready for the day ahead and finally, step out in  the heat outside…
People from the cooler parts of the world tan themselves to become a shade darker than their natural skin color…honestly, when i first learned about this, my initial reaction was “WHAT!! This cant possibly be true!”…because, in my place, the condition is totally different…yeah, totally!…here, come summers and the advertisements of fairness creams fill up the advertisement section of our telivision screens promising to ‘work from within’ to make our skin one shade lighter in one week…mind you almost none of these so called creams work…if they do by chance start showing some results on your skin, thats because of the simple reason that they bleach your skin…and thats not exactly making them fairer…ive always found this concept of fairness creams quite a wierd one…but that does not mean that i havnt used them…i have a naturally fair complexion…i dont get tanned easily although the heat does aggravate the condition of my acne which seems to have made my face their permanent resting place (especially when the temperature is 37 degrees celcius) but the reason that i used them throughout my college days was because of the fact that they are soo much ingrained into our lives i felt like i was missing something if i didnt start using them asap…almost every product here has a whitening tag associated with it…as if these products can change the natural color of our skin…even natural skin whitening remedies work ten times bettar than these arrtificial creams with artificial ingredients…they say its got exotic ingredients like liquorice extract or mulberry extract to whiten but we all know the ratio of these things with the amount of chemicles in it….
I loove the waft of a cool breeze, cool weather….i love it when the scorchingly heated earth is temporarily cooled by the blows of a heavy rain…
I guess thats all i got for today’s blogging challenge


4 thoughts on “MY WEATHER WOES

  1. You have talked here in your post about something I am interested for a while, I will bookmark it and come back to it when I will be able to post from my computer.

    Short and cold comment because of the fact I hurry to check everything before my headache kicks. 😉

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