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Just yesterday my father made a casual remark remark about how hes missing eating his mother’s hand made paranthas…it made me sitting there realize how much i too was missing them…honestly, my grandmother made the best paranthas in the world…maybe not in the world, but maybe in whole of my country!…she used to call her paranthas in which she added both potato and onion as “pizza parantha” haha…she had a thing for cooking food…she loved cooking and serving food to people…maybe cuz she was married off when she was just 14 and in her time, cooking, or making good food was considered a skill that every married women was supposed to possess…i still remember, she used to serve me those paranthas when i returned from school, all tired and hungry as hell…i stopped eating them after a couple of years as i began to put on weight as i grew up, instead, i would make a face at them when she served them to me…infact, i didnt eat anything that she made because of the fear of gaining weight… if only i knew how soon she would me taken away from me i would not have stopped eating them…now i cant even remember when was the last time i ate them…not only them i cant remember when was the last time i ate anything that was cooked by her…was it a year ago?, two years ago?….dont know…
One thing that ive truly realized from all this is that you dont value a thing or, in my case, a person as long as they are with you in your life within your reach…as long as they are guaranteed to you…you only realize their importance when they are gone…



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