I should start by saying that i do not at all like criticism…if i had my own way, i would just make criticism disappear…a thing which i know is not quite possible…but as im saying this, i might also add that i do realize the importance of criticism in one’s life…criticism is necessary…for me, criticism can be compared to a pool of water in which ive got to look into to see my face realizing the fact that i know that i look ugly…forget this comparison…i dont think im able to write what i exactly wanted to…it came out half right…
Even though i hate criticism, its something without which i cant live…though whenever someone criticises me in an honest way it sure hurts me…its like i cant takee criticism but i need it nontheless…oh, the irony of this life…
I need criticism in every damn thing that i do wiith my life…even as i get ready for the day ahead i, as narcissist as it may sound, want someone to give their honest opinions about me…about the way i look, especially considering the fact that i dont trust my reflection in the mirror…im always on the lookout for someone who’ll honestly criticise me…but those kind of people are hard to find in times like today where everyone in someway or the other tries to please you for their own benefits…
Summing up, i can say that i like brutally honest criticism…that kind of criticism is way bettar than someone trying to please you for all the false reasons…but to a large extent i dont need criticisms of other people as im myself my own biggest critic…i always am able to find faults with myself….theres hardly any day when im truly at peace with my life….but of others i expect a bit of constructive criticism…that kind of criticism improves the quality of your life…




  1. See, the thing about being your biggest critic is that you lose objectivity. You become so obsessed with the need to find something wrong with yourself that begin to fabricate things at a subconscious level. It’s like you have decided that you are wrong and THEN come up with a ‘reason’ which fits into the puzzle.

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