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Why do life always gives you something, or rather, i should say, why do life always rain on you things with an open heart that you want sooo much at the same exact time when you think that those things are so damn faraway from you and that those things are the last things that you’ll get in this life of yours…
And why does life has this stupid tendency of not giving you even a bit of something when she knows that thats the thing that you crave for so much in your life right now…
Anyway, i should stop rambling about it, cuz thats something that i know i cant change…but the thing is that its always happened like that for me…a couple years ago, i started out university thinking that ill not be able to find a single person who would become my much needed companion throughout the long hours that i had to spend there…cuz everyone was so arrogant and full of some kind of a superior air about themselves…i gave up my hopes on finding someone like me when i found a bunch of girls who resonated with me…i still thank god for giving me them when i least expected them…
Whereas, throughout my school life, i used to keep thinking that ill make some good friends when ill get promoted to the next class, i had this hope inside of me still burning with the aim of finding them…but to no avail…i even changed my school secretly wishing to find some good friends there…but again, to no avail…
But the one question that ill definitely ask to the persons that i meet in future in my life would be:
‘ can you stop the demons in the form of her thoughts to stop troubling her?’



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