There is a time when you just feel like doing something for someone…i felt like this for my mom today…and i surprised myself  a little cuz i havnt felt like this for anyone in quite a long long time….

mom had a long day at work, she was tired to her bones, beneath her eyes i could see big, black circles which can be compared to a pit…a deep dark pit…she didnt say anything, was just sitting in front of me, wasnt even looking at me…still, when i raised my eyes to look at her, she just smiled in a way which sparked off an urge in me to just do something to make her feel okay, if not happy…absentmindedly, but with a purpose in my mind i ran off to my room and searched for something in my in my things  which i could give to her and which will make her feel nice again…only if temporarily…this is what i gave to her


i know this gel will not be of any help to cure her dark circles which seem to be getting bigger and bigger with every passing day, but i really dont care because i achieved my objective of making her happy for a while…she sure was taken by a surprise!

oh yes and i added my sister’s name just for a completing a formality…


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