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Why would i even need to tell about myself to some people who are complete strangers to me?!
But if ive really had to tell them about myself, it would just be about things that iam on the outside…i would not in any case be able to tell them about who iam really on the inside because of the fact that:
1) they are complete strangers to me and i dont open up to the people i know well, forget about these bunch of people whom ive never seen in my life before…and that too not just one, im sure there would be a nice bunch of them…so it will be all the more difficult for me…besides, iam myself not interested in telling them about myself…more so cuz of the fact that I really dont like ‘people’ in general…
2)i myself am not too sure about who i really am…i surprise myself by becoming a whole new person at different times
I think i would enter the room, see those people and run away…not stopping until i reach a safe distance away from them….



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