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I simply looove this seazon…love the name and love every damn thing about it….i live in a tropical country and so theres always, throughout more than half of the year, a battle that goes on between me and the scorching hot weather…they say that theres a relation between your mood and the weather…i bet they are certainly right…there are innumerable times when i wake up feeling all irritated and annoyed with myself…why? Simply because of this weather that seems to be on the verge of breaking its hotness record every year….i dont know, but i feel ugly in this weather…enters fall and i become a ‘happy girl’ again…even though it remains for an insignificant amount of time as compared to the hot weather which seems to go on forever, but i dont let that deter me from enjoying it…i just loove the coolness that the air seems to take on as fall arrives…i love taking off the hairband from my hair and letting them loose and watching them fly wherever the flow of the wind takes them…i love getting up in the mornings, i love to dress myself up in this weather…i love the little hints of winter that this weather gives out…as late fall approaches, i love how nights start to put on a hauntingly black cover over themselves…i love when my dad makes me one of those hot cups of coffee in which he specializes while i wake up from under the blankets…i love to go to sleep in this weather because i dont have to struggle to sleep…as i put the blanket over me, this weather automatically lulls me into a deep sleep…




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