Brevity or verbosity…..let me start by telling that i dont really understand what really today’s prompt has asked us to write but im going to nevertheless try….
If i measure the ratio of brevity:verbosity by my life…..i bet it would come out to be 10:1……by that,i mean that i really dont talk much….infact, there was a time in my life when i was labelled ‘goongi’ (which means, someone who cant speak) by a boy of my class….i hated that title, but i still didnt say a word to him …even now, i try to interact as little as posible with others (dont know why)…i just utter those short, concise sentences if ive got to tell them something and then also when i have said something more, i feel like i ‘talked too much’….verbosity could be a word for the thinking that i do, because i have a habit of thinking too much…and when i say too much it really means too damn much…i dont think that even too much can suffice how much my mind thinks…some of the thoughts that i think really surprise me by their utter irrelevant and frivolous nature….i wonder how one can  think such un-important and wierd thoughts….if you get a peak inside my mind, you’ll find it covered up to the top in thoughts, thoughts and thoughts….its crazy how none of those thoughts ever get to escape my mouth……



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