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I dont know why, but i just looove eating pastries….chocolate pastry, strawberry pastry, pineapple pastry i can go on and on and on and on about them….i really, really, like those small fancy pastry shops where you can get all kinds of wierd looking pastries and muffins and chocolates….and the experience of eating pastries becomes all the more beautiful when the shop in which your eating that things have got small, exotic looking tables of unusual design and equally wierd chairs in which to sit….also, where the walls are painted in a beautiful color and theres all kind of wierd photos hanging on the walls… i just love the vibe that these kind of shops give out….and if, by chance, the shop has got wifi available then it feels like bliss to sit there….you can spend the whole day there soaking your mouth in the gooey goodness of the pastry while surfing net…in my opinion, all this becomes more kind of serene when your alone by yourself….no one’s there to bother you….wow! I think i just discovered  the best ‘me time’ for myself!




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