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Yes we all do write hoping someone out there in this wide world, even if thats only one person, will scroll through our blog and will like and appreciate all that we have written…

Although i dont really write keeping some particular person in my mind, i write because i just want to present my thoughts to the rest of the world…i just want to spill them in front of the world but today’s post im going to write for my parents…its going to get a little personal but oh well thats fine with me….mummy and daddy, this post is for you!

Dear papa,

firstly, i want to thank you for supporting me in all the important decisions that i took in my life until now….seriously, if you wouldnt have been the way you are,i would have gone in a completely wrong path in this life and so im glad that you are my father…also i should also thank you for keeping up with my ‘draining the money down the drain’ habit…i know im a big spender of money and sometimes i splurge too much of it on buying things that to you seem completely frivolous but you know i cant do anything about it and so you dont often stop me from spending on them which i loove…secondly, i want to also clear your doubts about me not caring enough for you…i know that the result of all your medical tests dont often come out well, i know that your heart is weak, and i know that your blood pressure is often up….but the reason why i dont ask you about your health is because i dont want to know again and again how much it has been deteriorated since…its not at all like i dont care about you…i bloody well do!…i love you dad! but please i cant hear about your health problems over and over again…also, can i please beg you to stop saying that you’ll live just for another 10 years!…you see, the moment you say this i start calculating in my head about how much time more ive got with you…im just 21, dad!…i need you in my life atleast till i turn 40….i hope you have no plans of leaving me before that…

Dear mummy,

firstly, ive got tell you that there are sometimes, when you make me really happy albeit those ‘sometimes’ that im talking about are all the times when you fulfill my materialistic ambitions…i love when you bring me red lipsticks from oriflame because you damn well know that i loove red lippies…i cant get enough of them…though its not only for these things that i love you…i love you for who you are too but ive got a lot of complaints from you…firstly, can i just say that im sick of your constant cribbing about your health condition just like dad!…mom, you suffer from type two diabeties and your condition is not going to get any bettar if you dont start keeping a watch over what you eat!….i know, its very difficut for you but look whats all that mindless eating of yours is giving you!…its giving you nothing but pain!…everynight you sleep with pain in your legs…it will not reduce until you start doing something about it!…im willing to give you a diet chart but i know that you just wont accept it!…mom, i know that before your marraige you used to be one of those stick thin women with very fast metabolism and you used to eat chicken dipped with oil like theres no tommorow but mom, sadly, the conditions have reversed now….your not that women you used to be anymore…and its bettar that you start accepting this fact about yourself…one more thing, mom, crop tops do NOT look vulgar so please can you just stop prohibiting me from wearing them?….on a side note, it maybe useful if i could just mention to you that the crop top that i bought from myself from forever21 is damn expensive so if you dont mind getting your money wasted you should probably not restrict me from wearing it!

this is all that i want to say to my parents but cant….and this is all that ive got for today’s challenge…


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