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wow! this is, for me, nothing less than a magic!….wordpress.com just opened normally, as it usually did on my computer! after such a loooong time!….it feels sooo good to see the face of this site after such a long time!….it completely took me by surprise….afterall, just yesterday i was writing about how i miss blogging on my pc!….maybe god listened me this time…

the reason why i decided to turn this incident into a post is because ive observed these kind of accidents throughout my life till now…this has become the general rule of my life….when i least expect something to happen…that is the exact time when that thing happens…maybe i should be more precise…when i dont at all expect some particular thing to happen, that is the time when that particular thing happens….and its vice- versa is true as well….when i, with all my heart want something badly to happen, it obviously never happens….sometimes these incidents turn out to be good and sometimes they turn out to be bad…for example, i entered into college with thoughts in my mind about how ill never be able to perform well…i would remain that girl who would just lag behind everyone in studies just like how i used to be in school…little did i know that the tables would turn completely on the otherside….i finished college and secured a third rank out of 60 ranks….now, to take some other example, last year, my grandmother was hospitalised several times in row because of her heart problems…everytime she was hospitalised, i got frightened with the thought that she wouldnt be able to live anymore and that this time she would certainly die in the hospital itself…the fear of her dying was so great in my mind that i prayed day and night for her life..i could simply not imagine my life without her…when she got her last attack in the november of last month, i almost gave up on her and thought that this time she would certainly be taken away from me…but what really happened was that she got discharged from the hospital two weeks later…she was fine then…now it became certain in my mind that she would not go for quite some years to come…afterall, a women who had endured so many attacks and still came to the home in a fine state of health could certainly live for some more years….guess what happened?…i was again taken by surprise…she died some days later in a perfectly fine state of health!….here again what i least or didnt expected happened….

i think god has a way of listening to us…he dost listen to me when i really ask him something and listens when i dont expect him to….life is full of surprises…some good and some bad…we should take both of them in our stride and live life as happily and as soundly as we can…

thats it for today’s blogging challenge….this was the post that was in my mind when i started blogging…


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