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Yes, i think im a good judge of other people’s happiness or unhappiness…i dont know, but there is something in the eyes of a happy person and something else in the eyes of a sad person…..though you cant judge if a person is happy or unhappy just by seeing there eyes…….youve got to spend some amount of time with them to find out if they are really happy or just faking happiness…..
Ive encountered two such cases….in the first one, i was right….when i was 16, therewas a girl in my class who was very chirpy, you know, talkative….very talkative…..and she always had a huge smile on her face….that time, i used to wonder seeing her that how on earth could someone be soo damn happy in their life( especially considering that my mind was all messed up that time)….and i was rght, she was really happy in her life…..the other time, i encountered a girl equally bubbly as that of the first one….i concluded the same thing about her to find out later that she was not really happy….her parents got divorced and she was only putting up a brave face in front of everyone!
But im a good judge of my happiness…..somedays, im soo damn happy and i love those days….but some days….well, lets just say im working on myself….



4 thoughts on “JUDGING HAPPINESS

  1. Yep, everyone thinks I’m this happy. bubbly, outgoing, caring person. Not one of them knows what is going on inside my head, and I think that is the case for most people.

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