First things first, i cant edit my blog title and tagline and im kinda sorry about that….the reason for this is that im using wordpress via the wordpress app that is available for mobile users because i am not able to open wordpress on my computer….i dont know what is the problem with this site but its been over two months now since i last blogged on my  computer which was sooo good!…i dont know what the hell happened to this site because it has just stopped opening properly in  my computer….i miss blogging on my pc with the real site in front of me….and why i cant edit out my title and tagline is because of the simple reason that i dont know how to edit them in this app which is baaad!:(…..you know, this app frustrates me sometimes but ive got to acknowledge the fact that its only because of this app that im able to carry on blogging otherwise, i would have had to stop a long time back which is something that i definitely didnt want to do!
Anyways, back to today’s assignment of editing out the title and tagline….though i cant really edit them but ill try to explain what do they mean to me….ok, so the title of my blog reads ‘THE UNDAUNTED BLUE MADNESS OF MY LIFE’ and the story behind this title goes like this: a couple of months back, to be precise, in the month of may of the current year, i was studying for my final semesters of graduation….apart from my regular subjects, i also had to study english as an additional supplementary subject….while studying english, i came across a bunch of poems by a indian bengali writer who lived in the colonial times, that is, when india was under the british flag….it is this particular writer’s poems that i really liked out of all of the authors….one of his poems particularly stuck with me….this poem’s name is ‘windy night’….and oh! i forgot to tell the name of the author about which im talking….his name was Jeebananando Das( he died a long time back)….so in his poem ‘windy night’ he talks about a particular night which is very calm and peaceful……the sky is all black and peace is all around…suddenly, he finds violent winds beginning to wreak havoc….his bedsheet jumps up to the sky as if it wants to go upwards to the sky, and suddenly the sky is filled up with lots and lots of twinkling stars….he begins to see in the sky the oldest civilizations of the world that are the assyrian, babylonian and vidisha…by talking of these civilizations, he expresses the flow of time with respects to life and death…he compares the star filled sky to the stole of an egyptian queen…he talks of the heart which carries all the emotions and never dies subtly comparing it with an indomitable vulture…..
Now the place where he uses that line which ive made the title of my blog is when he wanted to show that whatever hardships we have encountered in our lives we should take it in our stride and still harbour a deep love of life inside us…a deep joy for life is what we should look forward to everyday…i took this line up because in some way or another, i felt the same about my life….although there are countless times when i just want to give up, countless times where i feel that ive messed this life of mine and again there are countless times where i feel how much has this life not given me and how many of my wishes just remained mere wishes and were not fulfilled, at the end of the day, inspite of all these thoughts inside of me, i still feel a burning desire to live life as happily as i can and to love this life that has been granted to me….’love my life’ this is what i want to achieve in the end…..
The tagline of my blog reads ‘daily ramblings of a city girl’….this is precisely what ive created this blog for…..these ramblings are my thoughts that ive spilled out here….and these thoughts come to me on a daily basis so ‘daily ramblings’ and im a girl living in a city so ‘of a city girl’….its that simple :)…..although this tagline easily describes what exactly im here for, another tagline that i think (and that i will soon make my new tagline if i get to use this app properly) would be more appropriate for me could be ‘daily ramblings of a bored girl with lots of thoughts’….you see, im always kind of bored…i live one of the most boring life in this world….theres no excitement in my life….im just there, passing the days of my life at my home….though i wish this situation reverse itself soon…..
Thats all i got for today’s blogging challenge….a side note, im kind of loving this challenge….i hope this one goes well till the end…..


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