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‘Beauty’….this is, for me a very difficult topic to delve upon…..it is something about which im particularly greedy….honestly, i wake up every other day feeling im ‘not ‘beautiful enough’….what things do people do in the greed of accquiring beauty…….sometimes i think that god itself has figured out a way of discriminating among people by giving some the advantage of being ‘beautiful’ and depriving others of this advantage…..but is the world only about being beautiful on the outside?…..for a change, ive got the answer to this question and its definitely a big fat NO!……i have encountered numerous cases where ive seen the internal beauty of not so beautiful people shine through once they start interacting and the outer beauty of beautiful people fade away as soon as they’ve started speaking….on the basis of my experience, i can safely conclude that: yes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but internal beauty is way more powerful than external one….



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