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Well, im just an ordinary girl who starting blogging a few months ago because:
1) i had lots and lots of free time in my hand and i was tired of spending time on youtube.
2) i used to write a long long time back…..and then i stopped it…i dont why but i guess life came in between…..also, i wanted to express myself bettar because english is not my first language but i really wanted to improve my writing expression in english[ whats writing expression by the way? 😉 ]
3) from as long as i can remember, ive been an active overthinker….overthinking every damn thing….as a result, i always have lots of thoughts inside my head which i wanted to pour out somewhere….this seemed to be a nice platform for it.
Also, why i didnt wanted to keep a private journal and chose to make my thoughts public is because of the simple reason that when i keep it private, to me it feels like ive not exactly poured out my thoughts and that they are still on my mind…..i dont know, i was in a habit of writing a diary everyday some years back….the reason why i left it is because firstly, it always came into the hand of one of my family member which i absolutely hated to happen and secondly, that feeling that im still carrying the burden of those thoughts inside me….all this made me give up writing in that diary of mine….i didnt in any case wanted it to land in one of my family member’s hand (who knew almost instinctively that a fancy notebook is kept under the pile of my school copies) or of my friend or of anybody who knew me even remotely….but then why did i chose to blog publicly? Its because theres something extremely  different about sharing your thoughts with family and sharing your thoughts with strangers….oops! Not exactly strangers….strangers can be good or bad…i know for sure that everyone here falls into the category of good but still people whom we meet here still dont know us and thats what i really like about blogging….moreover, you can always meet someone who has gone through the same problems that you have gone through or have gone through something even worse than you….im not saying sharing your thoughts with your family is bad…infact its great sometimes but sometimes its not exactly a good idea to share some ‘other’ kind of thoughts with them which may not go down that well with them……a fact about me is that im severely anti social….im in a bad habit of blocking people off of my life….infact sometimes i think that i hate this whole human race……so my only company for a very long time had been my thoughts….they still are now also but now i dont let them exert too much pressure over me …because these thoughts were the reason that sometime back, i used to think that im the victim of all the world’s problems….like there is some impending difficulty that im encountering and that im fated to encounter for the rest of my life which does not let me achieve success in any aspect of my life….guess what? On a closer inspection i found out that half of the difficulties that i found myself engulfed in are just in my head!…..and almost 99.9% of them belonged to nowhere but in a trashcan….they were the main obstacles in my way because of whom i couldnt live as i wanted to….
So thats about me i guess….i think i stopped abruptly but i dont know what else i can write about myself…


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