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Its true!….i think, too much of information about something is not as good as it seems just like too less of an information about something is bad….for me, the greatest example of knowing too much about something and then getting it all wrong is myself only!….a couple of years back, i was trying to loose weight so i started eating right and exercising…side by side, i used to keep reading all kinds of fitness magazines, online articles about health, watched videos about what to eat and what not to eat and the correct way of working out….i was in touch with everything new that touched the fitness industry…i, in one way or another started considering myself a fitness pro….i thought i knew everything that i wanted to know and more!….and i was only 16!…….the result?….turned out that i became a victim and an advocater of an eating disorder!…..read somewhere that its good to eat light at dinner so i thought it bettar to eat an apple in dinner rather than something else which could turn out to be pretty heavy….result?….collapsed on the floor the next morning!….read somewhere Jillian Michal’s rrecommendation to workout until you feel like puking….result?…vomited on the floor everytime while working out which was baad!….read somewhere about the health benefits of being on a fast one day a week….result?….i was always starving!….read somewhere about a low cal high carb raw fruit diet….result?…threw away my lunch and dinner in the dustbin……
So yeah, now i see on what road did that too much information about being healthy led me to….i now restrain myself from collecting too  much information on this matter….



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