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To do (achieve) list:
1) surround myself with positive thoughts
2) not compare myself with anyone
3) feel beautiful
4) study hard
5) be happy
So today i woke up and peaked out of my window to the sun outside…..accidentally, i noticed my lips curving into a small grin…..now this has not happened in a while….nevertheless, it felt good….i think i surprised myself a little today…..after getting ready for the day ahead i looked myself in the mirror and for the first time in a while i saw no flaws in myself….my hair were perfect, my skin was looking fresh and i was not looking fat….as i finally stepped away from my home onto the road i found myself looking at every random person and giving them a little smile….some of them returned that smile to me and some didnt…..it didnt matter who did and who did not…..i just didnt care anymore….i was feeling happy….my state of mind was happy….i didnt curse the weather even though it was scorchingly hot….by the time i entered my class i was sweating…but i didnt give a damn about it…..i think there was something wrong with me that day….oh no! I think something was definitely right with me that day…..



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