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There is a rat moving around in my house for quite sometime now
Hes not an ordinary rat….hes one big fat rat
He gets frightened when he sees me standing in front of him
Hes always trying to hide from me
As if ill finish him the minute ill lay my eyes on him
If only he knew, how much i am terrified of him
He wouldnt even try to hide
He wouldnt need to run away He wouldnt need to do anything
He could be the master of my house
And he’d know that i wouldnt dare to even touch him
And he’d know that he could make my house his for as long as he want to
And he’d know that he could do whatever he wishes to do in my house
For he’d know that his voice even if coming from a distance makes me jump!
He’d know that at night while sleeping im surrounded by the thought that he’d by some powerful force will be able to jump on top of my bed
and ill become a victim of cardiac arrest then and there (i hope it dosnt get that bad….a mini heart attack would suffice!)
And his work would be made more easier if only he knew
That i just cant stand the sight of him….


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