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Yeah, machines do have a life of their own….infact, sometimes i think that behind these sophisticated and complicated looking machines there are two secret invisible eyes watching me….they turn mischevious when they see me struggling with a problem in that particular machine and they turn droopy when they see that im perfectly able to extract from them whatever i want to ๐Ÿ˜‰ …..for me, the machine which mostly seems to take a life of its own is my PC…..whenever i wish to search something important or do something important in it, it simply gets hanged!….firstly, i thought that theres something really wrong with it and so i rebooted the whole of itย  but then this seems to be happening everytime im in an urgent need of it!….also, it goes on perfectly fine when im not not doing anything important with it….it goes on smoothly when im listening songs but if ive to check something important, send an important mail to someone or receive it….it stops!….its height of this behaviour was reached when my result got announced via the university site and the minute i opened it…..it simply crashed!….



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