Ive been having a really hectic time for the past three weeks…from the day i started my postgraduate studies….firstly, the university started the session late….ideally, the classes should have begun by august but due to some problems in the admission process the actual session started from september, that is, a whole one month late….and now ive got to complete my syllabus in two months flat!…otherwise ill flunk this semester:( which i absolutely dont want to!….in the last three weeks, ive accumulated sooo much reading material even half of which i didnt collect throughout the whole three years of my undergraduate study!….and the teachers! Though some of them do teach well but they just keep on mailing more and more stuff to read!…..the classes start from 9:00am and i cant miss a single lecture because then ill loose grasp of what exactly is happening when ill attend the next one……this is one problem….the next is, that the campus is soo far away from my home and ive to get ready super early in the morning so that i dont miss my bus….this is really bad because ive to wake up really early in the morning and commence that long journey to my campus…..the return journey is equally bad, no, not equally, its worse than the morning one because firstly, i dont get the buss so easily….ive to stand in the bus stop for an enormously long amount of time, feeling the brunt of the heat and sweating profusely in this scorchingly hot weather and then, when i finally get the bus ive to stand sandwitched between shitloads of people until i reach my home….ahh! This is a task in itself!…..moreover, its been a while since ive got a goodnight’s sleep which i soo often wish to get….these daily early classes, they have really taken a toll on me…..lastly, im just studying all the  time!…not exactly complaining about this one but ive got no free time at all now!….everytime i return from the university, i feel sooo damn tired….like, i just want to bang my head on the pillow and sleep….
Now in the coming week, ive to submit two major assignments and ive also got a test….if ill keep going there i know that ill not at all be able to submit any of those assignments or give the test well….i have to take some holidays….honestly, my taking these holidays are not exactly the result of the pressure of these assignments but more because my body, my head, my brain and my heart wants it….i just cant carry on going for another week….everyday i wake up my head’s a little heavy because of the lack of sleep….i hate the sound of the alarm now!….i feel so ugly because whenever i catch my reflection in the mirror all i see is acne,acne and more acne which are a result of my skin being in contact with this 37 degree celsius temprature all the time…so i decided to simply stop…take a break….a much needed break…..im now celebrating an extended weekend with myself at home….thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday…..ahh! It feels sooo good…..i woke up refreshed today….right now, im studying peacefully while sipping a herbal tea, eating some flaky biscuits while its raining outside….in the afternoon, ill make myself a banana icecream and in the evening ill go for a quiet walk outside……


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