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First things first, i didnt really knew what exactly ‘hand-me-downs’ meant so i googled it in order to write today’s prompt….i found out that it meant things which have been used or owned by another person before you…..so im going to write today’s prompt keeping that meaning in my mind….
In my case, the biggest hand me down that ive got are clothes, clothes, and clothes…..used clothes of my siblings…..some of those clothes that i got in my childhood stretched upto a period of ten years! Can you believe it? I used to wear clothes that were ten years old…means those clothes that were worn by people even before i was born….the thing is that ive got two cousin brothers both of whom are a decade older than me…..when i was ten, they were twenty and throughout the winters i used to wear both of their sweaters…..according to my parents they were warmer than my own sweaters….and when i finished wearing those i used to get the clothes of my cousin sister….she is three years older than me and i used to wear her frocks during summers…..ive got a lot of clothes that were just handed down to me……some of them are soo old now but nobody sells them or give them to somebody else or just, do away with them because they have assumed a historical status in my family…..they are kind of sacred …..guess they’ll always remain in my almirah…..i no longer wear them now…ive stopped wearing these hand-me-down clothes a long time back….



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