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I would loove to be the royal baby….why? Because i just loove all the hoopla and fanfare that goes around the royal baby….everyone wants to take a glimpse of him…..the media and the press present him like hes of a divine origin….and, all his life he dosnt really need to do anything….his family name does everything for him/her….and ofcourse, hes rich as hell…..im being honest here, im really not all that vain…..its not that i want money and all the attention but, you know, sometimes when i get tired of living this life of a commoner, i get an urge to imagine what would it be like if i would have been a daughter of a millionare or some film star or, as they said, of this royal couple….ive often had these thoughts….especially, when im tired of people telling me that in order to get somewhere in this life youve got to work your ass off….otherwise you wont get anywhere in this competitive world…thats when i like to take my imagination get the best of me….i, as far as i know about myself, know that i do not possess any great talent….i get good grades only if i really push myself hard….a little bit of slacking here and im gone….im not one of those geniuses of the class….i dont really have a good voice(although i’d love to pretend that iam a singer in the making!)….i cant dance(i left my classical dance classes midway as it was becoming difficult for me to concentrate on my studies)….im really bad at maths(which means i  cant really give any competitive exams….so cant get a job now even if i wish)….and i love wasting money on frivolous things…..the  purpose of jotting down all my flaws here is not to get someone’s pity or anything like that….they are the very reasons which make me want to imagine how my life would have been if, with these flaws inside of me, i would have been born as a ‘famous child’…..life would have been a great deal different for me…thats for sure….




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