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I was spending my usual solitary day at the cafe, sipping coffee and surfing the net on my phone…..from the corner of my eye i catched a figure coming towards me….at first, i thought that the figure was heading to the table that was behind me….i was about to remove my gaze from it when i noticed that it stopped right in front of my table…..i still didnt look up….i thought that whoever was there must be new in this place and must be asking for some directions….ill answer him when he’l ask me….five minutes passed….still no sound from his side…..it was beginning to get a little wierd….i looked up again from the corner of my eye to that figure…..although i could not see him so clearly, i deduced from the type of clothes that he was wearing that he belonged to a good background….still, i could not be so sure…..the man was just not speaking…was just standing looking down at me….slowly, i felt every eye in the cafe turning to my table….this man was really making everything so embarrasing for me!…..enough was enough…..i should just leave now……i got up, turned to the other side and was just about to walk out from the place when i felt a hand on my shoulder….startled, i nevertheless didnt look behind me…i was waiting for this man to start speaking first…..finally, a voice came- “ive been looking for you”…..that voice said everything……i didnt need to be scared now from him….that voice, though changed a bit by the age still contained that familiarity that i had last heard when i was six….it was the voice of the first friend that i made a long long time back but with whom i got to share only a year of friendship as his family got tranferred somewhere else….slowly, all contact between us had faded away….i never thought i would see him again…..not in this life……i looked around to see that familiar face a little hardened by the passage of time…..”ive been looking for you too!”…..i said



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