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Its kind off crazy how i could keep whatever i was feeling, whatever i was going through, all my thoughts and my secrets(if i had any) within the four walls of myself and spilled out other people’s secrets(if anyone shared it with me, which hardly anyone did) so easily…..actually, when i was small, my mother’s relatives used to come to visit her and they would discuss all kinds of things, basically their lives with each other…..and i would sit in a corner listening to them….when they were gone my mother used to say to me not to disclose any of the “personal” things that i have heard to anyone….what she really meant was not to tell whatever ive heard to the relatives of my father’s side…..but at that time, i didnt see any point in concealing these bits of information about them from anyone so i usually spilled out all of it to the relatives of the other side of my family…as a result, i used to often get scolded by my mother….she used to say to me to get my digestive system checked as i couldnt digest anything that ive heard……when i was about fifteen, i developed a temporary friendship with a girl who had all the latest pieces of gossip about every other person of the school…..slowly, i also became involved with other people’s life so much that sometimes i didnt know what exactly was happening with my own …..when i finally left that school, i was known by the name of “gossip girl” of that school….
Now, well, now the tables have turned quite a bit….im no longer the one who spilled other’s secrets or the one who knows what exactly is going on with others life….ive dropped this habit a long time back….im kinda happy (or trying to be happy) in my own life….and thats how i like it….



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