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I would immediately return this power that has been granted to me just because i think theres a reason why we all came out as humans on this planet and not as gods…..it is the burden on god to predict future and not us….we all are just mortal beings living our lives on this planet….as long as we can live it and as soundly and safely we can live it…..moreover, wouldnt everything become plain boring if we or one of us is able to predict it and then tell it to others?…life is full of surprises….some good and some bad….we cant choose which one will come to us but honestly, not choosing them is way wonderful than being able to predict them…..and if, by chance, we are able to predict them then what the hell will remain in these lives that has been granted to us from above? Nothing, just nothing….not only that, this prediction being able to cost us our dear lives by a day will be like a lost deal for me….thanks to whoever has given me this power….but i just dont want it…..honestly, ive spent too many identical looking days at home….they were soo monotonous and i was able to predict each day as soon as i got out of bed and that was one of the most boring time of my life that i know now that predicting furthur future will take out all those elements from my life which make me want to live it….
These are the lines from an old avril lavigne song which makes me want to live life as it comes….whether it be good or bad
“If you look, you will see        that this world is a beautiful, accident
Turbulent, succulent, opulent
Permanent, no way
I wanna taste it
Dont wanna waste it away yeah yeah”
The world is beautiful as it is….i dont want to make it boring by predicting it…



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