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Im just one of those girls who dosnt find any (or most) of the jokes funny….unless its really a rib tickling one…..the same thing goes on with my tears….they dont come out easily…..although, there are lots of things about which i can cry, but, you know, these tears, they dont come out so easily….they dont even come out when i feel bad about myself (which, honestly, i feel every second day)…. sometimes i think that they are frozen inside….movies nor songs nor serials make me want to cry…i can resist them…i think i was only five years old when i last cried on seeing a tragic movie whose hero died at the end…when i asked my mom if that hero is really dead now she said that hes alive and well and pointed out to a recent interview of that actor in the front pages of a newspaper…from then on, i didnt cry after seeing any movie or song or any other artistic expression…..but what makes my tears really come out sometimes is the sudden memory or event or simply when i think about the last days of my grandmother on this earth….they flow out automatically without even me realizing it…



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