Home » Uncategorized » MY TWELVE YEAR OLD SCHOOL DAY


Oh no please i dont want to go to my twelve year old self back again….but since i have to for this post , i dont have any choice but to go back there…back to class seventh D…..now i know how to handle it since im an adult now, only trapped inside a twelve yr’s old body…..yes i know what to do…oh! here comes these two girls who call me their ‘friend’ but i know now that behind me all they do is talk shit about me….they are standing in front of me now…i guess i should just walk away ….yeah, ive walked away from them, im on the other side of the class now let me turn back to see their expressions….wow! they both look so shocked as if theyve seen some kind of a ghost!…not used to someone not giving them a damn i guess…anyway ill choose a seat for myself to sit on….oh! The bell has rung….here comes the teacher… oh gosh! Its math period!….i think i should be able to solve these problems now as im much older now…..let me see….waaa! What is this? Im not able to make out anything of this problem….lets see if i can solve some other problem….god! Why cant i solve these problems…damn! Maybe its because i havnt  come as close to even touching a math book in these six years since i left it….when did i last solve a problem?….maybe when i was fifteen….im twenty one now and one thing’s clear: my maths was pathetic when i was a twelve yr old and its pathetic now also…maybe im fated to remain like this only….let me just hide back behind a person’s head if iam to survive this period….wow! bell! The sound of a bell never seemed this good to my ears….what next? History!! My favourite period…..and i love this teacher! Shes the only  one who adds some happiness to my day….oh god! What is she teaching? Its like a child’s play to me! Wow! Such a long time has passed since i learned history as a twelve year old to my pursuing master’s in it…….maybe i can replace her and teach the class this one time….oh no mam what are you teaching? All these theories have come under attack by revisionist historians…ahh! Maybe you know it and your just teaching because you know how much a twelve year old can understand….bell!….and the  school’s over….wow! Attending school like this was so much bettar than attending school  as a twelve year old!



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