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Mahatma Gandhi once said “no job is big or small”….whereas i agree with this statement to a large extent, but i think that in today’s world it is quite possible to classify a job as big or small….
Presently, im a student and i dont earn money….I get a steady supply of it from my parents and according to them im not at all under a pressure of earning it ….. but sometimes, the urge of earning it on my own  becomes so much that im ready to do any kind of job to satiate that urge of mine….and im being honest here, im willing to do ANY KIND of job for it, big or small….but this lasts only for a while….not the urge ofcourse, the urge is there all the time, what vanishes is my willingness to do any kind of job to satisfy that urge as i start getting second thoughts as to if ill really be able to do that any kind of job to earn money and the answer to it is always a no….
As to what kind of a job i call a nightmare is the one which provides me with no space to grow….i dont want whatever im doing for the sake of money to be so monotonous and so boring that going there everyday turns into a burden for me….i dont want to peak out from the window of my office and look at the group of drivers laughing and having fun playing cards while their owners are away and feel like these people are having more fun in their job as opposed to mine…..I want that kind of a job, which, while doing, I feel like “yeah, im doing something”



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