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Wow! This indeed is really a thought provoking prompt…..
If there would be no mirrors, how would our life change? Ofcourse, not having mirrors will not mean the end of our lives because people in ancient times lived without mirrors….but i think that since we are not living in ancient times anymore, the sudden absence of mirrors from our lives will certainly affect us. A lot.
Now if the mirror is gone from my life on one fine day, it would, truth be told certainly affect me and it will affect me for the simple reason that i have the habit of checking myself , making sure my makeup’s still on, my skin’s not turning oily, and my hairstyle’s intact, all stupid and plainly narcissist reasons, i know ….but these are precisely the reasons why i would miss mirrors….they certainly do not seem a lot, infact i have to admit that if these are primarily the only reasons why i would miss mirrors, then having or not having them cannot bring a major change in my life….but then they still do have the power to affect me….
As to how would not having mirrors will change the perception of myself i think by not having them i would think of myself as a blank page….by not having them i would be rescued from seeing my flaws which i see every morning when i get up and look myself into the mirror but will not seeing my flaws make me happy? No it will not….it will only give me the feeling that i have flaws and i cant see them while others can….and then it will be only natural that ill rush to the nearest pool of water to see a reflection of me and my flaws..



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