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On most days, i get up after the sun has risen….im a little ashamed to admit this, but the truth is that ive never actually seen sunrise with my own eyes….the same goes for sunset, but if i press my memory then i can remember a time when i was about ten yrs old and had gone to visit a hill station with my parents during a summer break…..that was the time when i  watched the sunset for the first time (or maybe the last?) in my life and after that ive never really watched a sunset except in some mushy romantic movie where they make a big deal out of it….oh! Im sorry for deviating from the topic that was actually sunrise rather than sunset….it maybe because of the fact that im not really an early morning riser nor am i a night owl because even when i sleep late, i usually sleep by 3:00am… the only thing that i can remember about sunrise is that sometimes when im studying too late into the night i get to see that point where the night ends and the morning starts to shine through…where the blackness of the night is faded by a slight white light of the morning….that for me is sunrise (until ofcourse, ive seen the real one;) )



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