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As a kid, i used to get horrified at the idea of going back to school….im not gonna lie here, but i hated studies and studying, and i was very very weak in my studies….simply said, i was a dumb girl back then….wow! Ive never told this much to anyone but its soo easy to pour it all out here…..so you can tell that ive always dreaded going back to school, on top of all that, being able to have no good friends at school used to make it like a complete nightmare….my maths teacher when i was in class 10th used to scare the daylights out of me, my class teacher when i was in class 1 and 2 was nothing less than a hitler…..school, im sad to say have never been nice to me…..infact, the principal of my school used to say to my parents that she has never seen me smile even once….if there was anyone i loved, no, not loved, i never loved anyone in school, if there was anyone whom i liked it used to be my bus conductor and driver for taking me back to my home after the school got over……
Now, my attitude towards the end of summer has evolved quite a bit and im happy to say that i love it now…..i welcome the end of summer and look forward to autmn and then winters….life is so much bettar now…..and its because of the simple reason that im studying what i love and so there are no more hitlers in my life…phew! Thank god for this 🙂



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