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I very often receive this comment….not sure if you can call it a compliment or not but people often say to me ‘oh! So youve cut your hair recently?….looks fine’….but the truth is that ive not cut my hair for almost two yrs now!….its been almost  24 months since i last went to a salon to get my hair cut….but i cant do anything about it since this is a problem which most girls with curly hair face…..these damn curls, they hide the original length of my hair making them look as if ive  shortened my hair just yesterday! And i dont know whether to say them thank you or not because simply spill water over my efforts to grow my hair out!



9 thoughts on “COMPLIMENTS I HATE!

  1. What’s worse, perhaps, is cutting your hair after letting it grow for two years and having no one notice–even your boyfriend you grew the hair out for in the first place. At least your friends are noticing you. By the way, many of us with straight or wavy hair love your curly hair–whether we notice its length or not. Judy

    • Really? Thank you but its really difficult to manage at times!….and yeah, having no one to notice your haircut and that too after two long years can be the most frustrating thing in the world!

  2. I also have extremely curly hair. I straighten my hair on occasion and notice that it tends to help because I can actually put a brush through it when it’s straight, massaging my scalp numerous times a day. The backhanded compliments I get are usually when I straighten my hair and people say, “Oh, I love your hair this way… Why don’t you wear it this way all the time?…Or when I wear it curly people say,, Have you ever thought about straightening your hair?
    I love my hair either way, curly or straight, and I think I now have a post for this prompt. Curls ROCK!

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