Today is the very last day of my holidays…..its been almost 3 hot months of summer now since ive been relaxing at home….i am bored, bored out of my skull but, honestly, im going to miss these days…i dont know if ill ever find them again, afterall, who gets to spend 3months of summer relaxing at home doing absolutely nothing?!…i was lucky i got them….its funny how my only duty these days was to while away as much time as i could!…..its crazy but ill admit that it frustrated me sometimes to look at other people going to work everyday and here was I, doing nothing…my typical summer day used to start at around 1:00pm in the afternoon when i would kind off force myself to get off my bed, downed two glasses of water, brushed my teeth, ate my lunch, exercised and then thump! I thumped in my bed which was to become my refuge for the rest of the day (not much of the day was left by that time)….my one faithful companion throughout these months was my laptop and to a lesser extent, my tv…if it would not have been for them, i wonder just how on earth would i have possibly passed these endless empty days….honestly, sitting at home is so damn addicting….i mean, once youve got in the habit of sitting at home everyday its hard to come out of it….i felt it happening with me….whenever someone would want me to go out with them i would say yes in the beginning but as the day progressed i used to start getting thoughts like isnt it much,much bettar to sit at home rather than go out?…it must have been only about 3 times in total that i have gone out with someone during these three months…when these holidays began, i was totally, completely washed out and exhausted the reason being that i had just given my university semesters and after those finished i gave 3 entrance tests…and i had spent all my days and nights preparing for them….so when these holidays started i was overjoyed….i thought that ill now get some much needed free time…..and free time was really what i got, infact, I got a little too much of it….when these holidays started, i was sick of constant studying and now I think ive forgot how to study!…I personally feel ive got a little more quiter now….perhaps after spending days on days with only myself and my thoughts….thats the main reason why i started blogging….i needed to put these thoughts somewhere….all days were alike for me, you can hardly distinguish between them the only difference was that i wore different clothes each day ;)….there were times when i wanted to wear some nice clothes, put on some makeup and go out but the moment the time came  for me to get ready i used to drop out of that plan, wear my pyjamas and switched on my laptop….going out was again cancelled….instead, i used to find joy in the simple things like eating food hungrily after exercising and how good it felt when i stretched each and every part of my body after a rigorous workout…i used to look out of my window and felt the harsh rays of the sun shining through getting inside my house…i used to feel them on my eyes for a couple of seconds and then closed the window….i felt like i was being protected from them, protected from danger though only temporarily…and tommorow, is the first day of my postgraduation and truth be told, im really in two minds about going there….a part of me still yearns to stay at home, do nothing all day and the other one yells at me to stop thinking such frivolous thoughts, to get out of the house and do something…i dont know why but since today is the time to say goodbyee to these holidays forever (because i know i wont be getting any like them in the near future) I, out of the blue, am missing my grandmother…i know its got no connection with it but i dont know why im getting thoughts of her….if she would have been alive today she would have told me to  me to study properly….ahh Granny!my heart aches for your presence….i wish tommorow goes well…


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