Im going to be kinda childish here and would like to read the wonderful story of Henry Sugar by Roald Dahl…man! I just loove Roald Dahl books,the way he writes and the way his stories go…..when i was 10 yrs old my school put ‘boy tales of childhood’ (that is the autobiography of Dahl) as a supplementary book which we all had to read by the end of the year after which we were to be assessed on that book….that was the time i got addicted to his writing…i read that book not once, but twice and thrice….my father in those days had access to the books of a very famous library and i strictly told him to get me all Roald Dahl books that he can his hands on and i used to sit on my bed with a glass of tea and lots of food and kept reading his books until i had to go to sleep….this book, the wonderful story of henry sugar is one of my favourites and has  been read by me not once, not twice, not thrice, but even more than that i cant remember just how many times ive read it and still if i get time ill pick up this book to read it over again…..everytime i read it, i get the same thrill of suspense that i got when i first read it even though i know exactly what will happen next….the story is basically about a rich man named Henry who had so much wealth of his ancestors that he didnt need to work….this man loved going to the casinos and indulged in gambling there….his life turned around when he picked up a book that told him about a man who could see with his eyes closed….Henry thought that if he could somehow master this art then he would always win at the casino….thereafter started his search for that man who told him about his guru who taught him this technique….Henry had to go through a lot of pain in order to master this technique and once he got it right he went to the casino where he won….the rest of the story deals with a pecuuliar change coming over Henry as he wished to distribute the money he earned to the poor and those in need…..its  really a wonderful tale which i always enjoy reading…
I would like to finish off with a quote of Dahl which somehow is stuck in the back of my mind
“My candle burns at both ends it will not last the night. But ah my foes and oh my friends it gives a lovely light”



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