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I arrived from uni to my house yesterday to find a huge flower bouquet placed on my doorstep…now this is something which does not happen everyday….feeling a little confused i frantically began searching my memory for some clue about this wonderful package at my doorstep…who was it who thought to give me this?..is this a gesture of goodwill or an impending danger?.. in majority of the cases the sender of the bouquet usually turns out to be a man….a lover or a fiance or rarely, a secret admirer who does not possess the courage to face you in person…i didnt have any of them in my life then who in the world decided to shower me with such a huge collection of flowers?….who? Who? Who?….i took the bouquet in my hands and started to carefully examine each and every flower….all of them had different smells…infact one could see that the sender had taken quite an effort to pack a such an assorted mix of flowers in that bouquet….i searched between each and every flower to find some clue of the person who had sent it but to no avail….dejected, i put the bunch of flowers in my study table and made a move towards my bed to lie down for a while….it had been a long day and i was really tired though i didnt really wanted to sleep and even if i wanted to, that bouquet in front of me prevented me from sleep….i mentally made a list of all the men in my life right now….apart from my three cousin brothers there were two guys whom i met recently at my college….is there a possibility of any of them giving me this?..but they dont even know me properly, its been only two days since i met them!….not a chance of any of them giving me this kind of a gift…..i tried to remember last night…..maybe the events of last night would give me  a clue as to where this bouquet came from…..yesterday was my cousin’s birthday….i went out with her last night to her favourite lounge…..there were just the two of us, my cousin and me…..after cutting a small cake she insisted on trying on that favourite drink of hers which she’d been dying to drink since ages…i warned her that i would not drink something strong because i had a class to attend tommorow….she convinced me that it was nothing strong and that i would be fine with it…..i agreed and we each had a glass after which we both had another and was about to have a third one when i forced myself to stop….reluctantly, she also stopped….oh! Thats why! Thats why i was finding it so difficult to get up this morning  and reached the class so late…i remembered….with droopy eyes i looked at the clock on the wall when my  eyes travelled to the calendar hung next to it…..april 8th, 2014……april 8th,2014 i repeated in my mind…..what! April8th!…..today is my birthday!….i remembered how me and my cousin celebrated our birthdays on the third day,i.e, 9th because then it was like a combined party….this time though, she had to go out of station because of work and so she had insisted on celebrating her birthday on its exact date…and i didnt remember my own birthday today because my head was too heavy in the morning i had troble even getting up and noone wished me in college because it was just a week that i had taken admission there and i was still  in the process of getting to know the people of my class…i got up and picked that bouquet again this time knowing the name of that person who had sent me this….after a while i messaged my cousin to tell her that this surprise gift of her took me aback for a while…..”what surprise gift? I havnt gifted you anything! Infact, im in the process of snnding you a gift and it should reach you tonight”……”what? It means you didnt send me those flowers?”….”no!”…….”then who did?”….feeling confused again, i got up to inspect that bouquet again…….i was about to give up when my cellphone buzzed with a message again…..”relax, it was me only, i thought to celebrate april fool day also apart from your birthday!;)”



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