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My pyjamas! Im always wearing them because to me they are the most comfortable item of clothing in the world….i dont know how would i have felt comfortable if they were not invented…and theres this favourite pyjama of mine which i have named ‘dots’ simply because it has got these big dots printed all over it….honestly, it is something without which i cannot live….we all have some or the other item of clothe in our wardobe that we cant live without and to me, it is dots!…its not something that i can wear out, it does not look pretty, but still it is the definition of comfort for me….god knows how many times it has been torn apart but i always get it sued because no other pyjama can provide me the kind of comfort that dots does…whenever i come home tired from a long day or from a gruelling workout session all ive got to do to relax is simply put on a loose top and dots and i feel relaxed already!….



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