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One of the movies that i saw recently was “the roommate” starring Leighton  Meester and Minka Kelly. I know it came out like two years ago and i wanted to watch it from the very day it was  released  but it was only now that i got finally got my hands on it…..one of the things that had attracted me to watch this movie was its kinda unusual storyline….and when i sat down to watch it i was not at all dissapointed during the first half of it…..i really liked how leighton’s obsession with minka grew and how with such brutality she either killed or warned people close to minka to stay away from her….but then, what happened in the second part of the story?…..i felt like leighton was too easily killed and everything returned to normal quite soon……honestly, ive heard people rave about this movie but in my case it was only good during the first half….in the second half the plot should have been made more complicated and twisty but things solved out quite early…i guess the somewhat supernatural element in leighton’s character like the way she ripped open tracy’s belly button piercing to warn her to stay away from her and the way she murdered minka’s ex  should have been focused on more….it would have made the story more interesting….but by the end of the movie i felt like all the excitement had died and i watched the end that was so predictable….



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