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Rubbing my eyes as i got up one day from a very good night’s sleep i notice something different with my hands, more precisely, with the wrists of my hands. As i take a close look at them i can see the veins of my wrists showing quite prominently. I cannot exactly pinpoint my finger to the cause of this problem, but i just let it go thinking that it might go back to normal after sometime….then i push myself off from the bed to get ready and go on with the day….as i look into the mirror in front of me while brushing my teeth i get the biggest shock of my life! Thats not me! I tell myself…..that just cannot be me! I splash some water in my face and rub my eyes once more and look into the mirror again…still no change! OMG! whats going on with me! I look like ive aged 10 yrs!…i just cannot come to terms with this sudden change in me…i looked around my house to see if it has changed too like me….no, its the same as it was before…then what exactly happened to me?…did i eat or drink something wrong yesterday? I couldnt remember….i go out of the  house and ring the doorbell of my neighbour to see if they also, like  me, have changed….the door opens and my neighbour an 18 yr old girl comes out….”hi aunty how are you? do you need anything?!”….aunty!! Whose aunty?!! Im just  21 yrs old! I say to myself but not to her because i know that right now i dont look my age….”hii nikki, i just wanted to ask you something…..can i?” “Yeah sure aunty!”…..”do you seee any difference in me? Just asking”…..”no aunty, nothing at all! Why you asking?”….”no, just like that…..ill go now, thanks”…”your welcome, aunty”….”aunty!!”…..i look back again…..”yes,nikki?”…..”i hope your son’s alright now”….this is  the second biggest shock of my life….swallowing my shock i make an effort to reply to nikki again…..”excuse me! did you just said my son?”…”yes aunty! Your son! Hes been hospitalised for about a week now. I hope he is recovering. When you visit him, give him my love ill be coming to see him in the afternoon”…..whaaat! My son! When did i even marry!…with my legs shaking, i walk back again to my house….i sit on my bed again and wonder about what exactly happened last night…i rack my brains but still i find no answer….how can i forget what happened just last night!?….i start racking my brain once again to get a clue of last night when another bad thought came to my head….if ive got a son, then i might have a husband too!….this thought makes me go completely dizzy….i just cannot fathom the idea of me having a husband!….marraige was soo out of question last night….i keep thinking about this when the phone rings…i pick up the phone to hear the voice of a male…”preksha! I cant wait to tell you this!…our son is finally recovering and doctors are saying that if everything goes well he can be disharged after 2 days!”….so this is my husband….i tell  myself….i just cannot recall when and how did i marry him….”preksha are you there?…wont you be coming to visit him?”….”y-yea im coming…what hospital is he admitted in?”….there is a brief silence after which that voice speaks again….” hes in city hospital…preksha are you alright?”…” yeah iam…im coming”….putting down the receiver with shaking hands i slowly get up to get ready to go to the hospital…..through that ride to the hospital i feel kinda sleepy and again fall asleep and get up only when the driver wakes me up to tell that the hospital has arrived…”mam, the hospital has arrived but can i just ask you something if you permit?”…bracing myself for another shock i tell him…”yeah, sure”….”mam, why do you wish to go to hospital? I hope everything’s right”….”what? Dont you know my son’s in hospital?”….i find it even strange to say ‘my son’s in hospital!…..”son, but mam when did you marry? And as far as i know, you were completing your college”……this was the third and the last shock of that day for me….”what! Are you saying the truth!…..im back to my age again!….i dont even wait for his reply as i rush past him to take a look at myself in the car’s mirror…..no wrinkles…no nothing!….im was back as i was last night!…..phew! So this was all just a dream!….or was it not?!;)



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