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Today was a fairytale!….not really, but yeah today was a good day….i finally got admission in master’s so that was pretty good but the whole admission process took soo much time and it also required me to go from here and there that by the end of it all i was completely winded!….the constant travelling in a closed car in this scorching hot weather ( i opened the windows ofcourse but it made no difference because the heat was too much to bear), and the fact that my stomach remained empty throughout the whole procedure made the whole thing even more difficult….but  i was determined to finish the whole admission procedure and so i only went home after every little formality of that process was completed…
I really wanted to celebrate this little victory of mine so i went to starbucks with my sister, ordered an iced caramel macchiato and a piece of blueberry cake, enjoyed free wifi for about an hour or so and took random coffee selfies,i.e, selfies with coffee;)…


This is a photo of me and my little treat…oh and how in the world can i forget that blueberry cake! That was nothing but a heaven in my mouth!
Now, im sooo tired and sleep deprived but still im kinda happy….it seems like im liking this tiredness and the fact that ill just bang my head in my pillow and sleep will immediately engulf me tonight!


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