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I made a wrong assumption about my maid once…..shes kinda poor just like all maids are and she has a family to support and was looking for a house to live…. she told about the tough times that she was facing and how life was becoming even more difficult for her because she had to give a lot of money as rent in the place where she was currently living….on top of that she also had a month old baby to take care of and she was just not able to make the ends meet….her husband was a driver and did not earn much….we have a small room at the top of our own house and she begged us to let her live in that room and said that since she is not in a position to pay rent for it she will in place of that keep our house clean…..that room was given to her….every morning she used to come and clean our house….she also served as a kind of caretaker for my grandmother who was alive at that time but was confined to her bed….since we could not leave granny alone in the house while all of us went to work she was given the duty to be with her….nobody had any doubt on her….the fact that she was in great financial strain made it even more difficult for anyone to doubt her…but unfortunately, she took advantage of this fact….slowly, as days progressed we could see the kitchen stuff the oils, vegetables, sugar, salt etc. decreasing in their quantity…..at first, no one questioned her….but that was a mistake as this habit of hers only got worse….she was always very  eager to push us away from our house….granny was really ill at that time….she couldnt even see properly but one day she told us that this maid  even bathed in our house!! That was the height of it all…that was the day we realized how wrong our assumption about her had turned out!…




  1. We had a similar scene once too!
    Happened with my dad when he lived out of state, and the maid stole foodstuffs. Unfortunately she was bold enough to continue doing it as she knew no other maid is available

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