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I think i experience this every second day…i dont know, whenever i sit down trying to write something, i just want to write anything….just  about anything but when i reach midway through my mind or my hand stops functioning and im not able to take that piece of writing in the right direction…not the right direction im not able to take it in any direction….another thing that i believe is the reason behind this is that i think whatever people write is in some way or the other influenced by the events that happened in their life, events that shaped their life…..in my case, i cant really think of any ‘events’ ….i know every person does have some or the other event in their life….but i think of my life as a blank page….( like Jane Austin haha but im not comparing my life to hers) its completely eventless till now , completely plain and its just dragging on…..maybe thats why i cant come up with anything quite often….



3 thoughts on “EVERY OTHER DAY!

  1. It sounds like you are trying to free write based on your initial sentence, but it still isn’t coming to you. Keep trying, write anything that pops into your head, even the fact that you cant write and that your are just sitting there and nothing is coming out. Just write that down and it will just free flow into other thoughts about the frustration about that and then you might get into frustration about something else going on – like how you didn’t like a food you ate or a person annoyed you or a tv show or movie was stupid or something like that and then it just keeps growing and going from tangent to tangent. That is how it works with me when I free write. It is amazing how one thought, just a simple one leads to so many others. And it doesn’t have to be anything important, but then you might just find some interesting topic to grow out of that free writing based on all the nonsense that was written.

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