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Unfortunately, ive got nothing interesting to tell here….the latest photos that i have is of the time when i had gone to a hill station with my cousins and in those pictures there are lots of strangers who are accidentally captured but i cant tell anything about them apart from the one fact that must have been true for them for sure and that is that they must have been tourists like me who had come there to take a respite from the scorching hot heat of the metropolitan cities…ive not captured one, but quite a lot of people that i dont know in my pic….one of them whom i happily watched and who accidentally got captured in the frame was a newly wed couple….i guess they were there to celebrate their honeymoon….the lady was kinda shy while her husband kept on insisting that they take more photos….i spotted them when i was visiting a bird sanctury there…..suddenly, while we were roaming it started to rain and all the people there ran to find whatever shelter they could find….my cousins spotted a little space in front of the office or whatever it was of that sanctury and we ran there….interestingly, that couple also spotted that place and they too came with us….that place did not have space to provide shelter to any more people and so we and they were the only ones who could make it there….we sat there for quite sometime during which i kinda observed them with my headphones on so that my watching them did not become too obvious to them…that lady and her husband talked about everything from the weather to that hill station to the latest news in a way that you talk to a new friend….i mean, they didnt quite open up to each other…the lady talked with her head down and didnt quite look into the eyes of her husband…i knew just by seeing them that they were the  couple of arranged marraige….i mean, it was obvious by just looking at the way they were talking to each other….nevertheless, i enjoyed listening to there conversations and the way they were trying to know each other….



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