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For  the last past week or so my internet connection has just vanished…vanished into thin air….i dont know why but it refuses to come…even for a second!….and needless to say, my whole world has been turned upside down!…for someone like me who stays at home all day and everyday and is completely dependent on internet for some entertainment this feels like someone has forcibly taken away one of my family members from my life! Yeah…internet is so precious to me!….all that im writing here on my blog is because ive still got a connection in my phone and ive downloaded that wordpress app and this app…its not great but its just a temporary solution for my lost connection….i dont know, but  how did i pass time when i didnt have internet?…that seems like a very long time back but how? Oh yeah, i remember i had school back then and it took most of the time of my day and left me too exhausted for anything else…but when i had summer vacations? How did i pass time then?…holiday homework was neglected and put on a never ending delay till the last week of my vacations…then what? Oh yeah, playing and eating….i used to eat all that delicious stuff that my grandmother used to turn out in the kitchen, watched tv with her while eating that….didnt matter that i watched all the daily soaps with her because her food made everything so interesting….and as the evening drew closer i used to become a part of my then big circle of friends…..where are they now i wonder!….what fields did they choose to work in?…do any of them even remember me now? I dont know….it seems like such a long gone away time….its like ages have passed away since i last played with them….didnt need internet connection back then….infact, i didnt even felt the need to…now i realize…its only when lonliness hits you
like a pang that you become completely dependent on internet to take you away from it… time just flew away playing with those boys….gossiping with those girls and talking about our future plans….and those tutions! Omg how can i forget those tution classes that i went in….it was not a tution but a time to catch up with the friends that i had made there….actually, the person who used to teach us was an old man who was half blind and we used to take advantage of that and had soo much fun….  a song that often comes to my mind whenever i reminince about those days is ” those were the days” by Cliff Richards….honestly, those were the best days of my life…


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